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Giving it back to Kaimuki

Kaimuki is my home, born and raised here, still living on 20th. I'd like to give 8 of my neighbors, a chance at $25 gift certificate to one of our Kaiumuki restaurants.  Send me a photo of your SHAKA and the closest street sign.  We will get through this together!

Did you know : King Kamehameha III gave the land of Kaimuki to future King William Lunalilo in 1848. The land was then sold for $2,325 in 1884 and again for $20,000 in 1898. In the early 1900’s, Kaimuki developed into a high-class residential neighborhood. First came the families and then came the businesses. The neighborhood of Kaimuki has seen many changes in its 100 plus years of history.

If you considered selling your home or looking to buy a home in Kaimuki- here's some useful info :

Homes for Sale and recently Sold in Kaimuki

As of October 12, 2020 - there have been 36 homes sold, with an average price of $1.039M in 2020.  In the same period for 2019, there were 48 homes sold, with an average price of $982K or a 5.73% increase in average sales prices since last year.


With low interest rates, Kaimuki is a neighborhood many buyers are looking to live in.

Current Interest Rates

Should you have any interest in buying or selling, please contact me and I will gladly spend some time going over the current market with you.  Take care during this difficult time.

Remember our ONE CLIENT philosophy.  We will never represent two sellers of the same "type" of property at any one time.

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